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變色領結 領結瞬變 Quick Change Bow Tie

變色領結 領結瞬變 Quick Change Bow Tie

Quick Change Bow Tie
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變色領結 領結瞬變 Quick Change Bow Tie

快速變換蝴蝶領結,可以在同一位置,用一個細小的動作閃電般的變幻你的蝴蝶結的顏色,可以在聊天中使用!蝴蝶的結顏色變成藍色、紅色、黑色、黃色、綠色、橙色,每一款蝴蝶結都是一條真的蝴蝶結,到現在為止每個看過這個魔術的人都感到疑惑。因此 Lex Schoppi 在他的書中提到:“快速變換”:你明顯地需要擺脫你以往的想法。



The Fastest Bow Ties in the World

Usingthe Quick Change Bow Ties, you are always in perfect position toinsantly chane the color of your bow tie with lightning speed, usingonly one short movement with your right of left hand. You will be ableto change the color of your bow tie up to 6 timrd, perfect to use as arunning gag, also if you work as an magician for children. Up to noweverybody who saw this gimmick looked in disbelief. The Speed isincredible.

The color of your bowtie will change fromblue - red - black - yellow - green - orange! Start with any color youlike! The gimmicks are high quality produced in a german tie factory.It’s optimized for a white tuxedo shirt.

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